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    Software Used:
    premiere pro, resolve
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    rode ntg2, dr 60d mkii, rokinon lenses
    A son comes home from a funeral, but not everything is as it seems.

    Made for the myannabellecreation short film contest.

    director, cinematography, editing, sound: Noah Kiriu
    actor, co-editor: Dustin Palea
    actress, door grip: Sherisse Kiriu

Recent Reviews

  1. marikhbattlecry
    Pros - Suspenseful!
    Cons - The ending was a little tame.
    Good story and plot. I enjoyed the suspense and clever use of the typewriter. I feel the ending could have been a little more gruesome as I felt it was a little comical after a well done setup.
    Also, I didn't quite get to see the titling of the short film.
  2. Anthony Fins
    "Very good!"
    Pros - Excellent cinematography and sound design
    Cons - Abrupt
    Overall excellent short. The tension is very well constructed, with great cinematography highlighting the isolation of our protagonist. The use of lighting is great too, as well as the sound design, which is always important for a short. In my opinion I felt it ended a bit abruptly but that is a personal criticism and not one with the filmmaking itself. Great work!
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  3. Susanna
    "Lovely setup!"
    Pros - Cinematography, Lighting, Atmosphere
    Cons - Some unmotivated camera movements
    Overall a really lovely film! Great initial set up for the events to come. Ryan's move to sort out his mother's stuff seemed a bit unmotivated, perhaps a cut to the stuff before he gets up and walks over to it would gel it together.

    I loved the lighting change for when things started to go wrong, definitely the highlight!

    Loved the type writer element as well, there's a great sense of mystery around it. The light behind the door turning red may have been a tad overkill - it would have been great to have him walk into the basement and then cut to the type writer. Then we would be questioning "What's going to happen, what's down there?" Having said that, it was still a very suspenseful ending!

    Great work on the short film!
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