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  • Duration:
    Film made while attending:
    Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K
    Software Used:
    Final Cut Pro X
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    Audio Technica AT897 Microphone, RODE Boom Pole

Recent Reviews

  1. Freddie Lee 3
    Pros - Pacing, Set
    I always loved this story no matter how it's being told. The director capture the pure emotion of all the characters involved. This story resignates with just about everyone. I also loved how they captured the tension of the story. the pacing was top notch!
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    1. marikhbattlecry
      Thank you for your kind comment! :)
      marikhbattlecry, Jan 18, 2018
  2. Owen Brindle
    "Nice short"
    Pros - Good story. Nice shot selections.
    Cons - Lighting a bit variable.
    A very short film that should appeal or at least resonate with everyone. The monster in the wardrobe/under the bed is a phase we all went through, and is played out well. The film sticks to some very good rules, number 1 - Story. A good story = good film 90 per cent of the time. Good framing and good shot selection, with a nice suspenseful use of sound without going over the top. I would say the only thing I wasn't a fan of was some of the lighting, but that's being picky. Well done.
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    1. marikhbattlecry
      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :)
      marikhbattlecry, Jan 16, 2018