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N.E.R.D- Round 1

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Software Used
After Effects
An epic battle royale between all your favorite fandoms! Who will reign supreme?

Needlessly Escalated Rumble Dome

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Directed by
Andrew Sokolowski

Written by
David Chapman

Soundtrack by
Jamie Wilson

VFX by
Kevin Ayotte
Andrew Sokolowski

David Chapman
Dylan Sewell
Jeffery Mullins
Imari Reynolds

Jon Bailey

Story Board Artist
Mykim Lai

Audio by
Alex Gillard

Taylor Hersey

Latest reviews

Pros: Actors having fun, light tone, effects
Cons: story, pacing, directing
This was probably a lot of fun to make. I can tell the actors are enjoying every minute of it. And the effects are well done for what they are. They're a little too blatantly digital, but the light tone of the video means we don't mind.

It's a little dull to watch, partly because the camera seems mostly off to the side and uninvolved, and mostly because the action doesn't really serve any narrative purpose. It's a little like watching kids playing with foam swords: They're having fun, but it's hard for us to get invested. Still, as an excuse to play with effects and have a fun shoot, it works perfectly fine.
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This is supposed to be a mere action ride. What you want to be going for is to use effects amd choreography to make the audience blood pumping, maybe a few breathers in between the punches to make sure the thrill doesn't completely die. I will say the strongest part of the film is the about CW show level of effects. The intro was decent and opened up to more creativity, leading me disapointed with that -1 design and overall choice of effects. (also why dod only one killed character recieve a -1? The rules of the fight shouldn't be tossed aside crazily). Also, why didn't you merely overlay footage of the hammer being thrown from the same angle, instead you went for a cheap image moving one direction. The angles in general are not too creative and have a few odd choices. If this is a battle royal, why do you single out the Star Wars character during the opening shot? I believe you were to proud of showing off ypur props, a few seconds too long looking at a punch landing or it feeling like a punch is taking too long to land.

I can see myself sharing this with anyone who is obsessed with those fandoms already, not with people who aren't. It's still problem if your action isn't engrossing enough for the clueless.
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Reactions: BlueBand Films
Some of the best VFX ive seen on YouTube for a long time and I enjoyed watching this, despite it maybe running a little long as I think it could've used some tighter editing. The music fit well, if rather generic and the grade could have been lightened up a bit more but this is just nitpicking stuff. Overall, i would recommend watching it to my friends.


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BlueBand Films
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