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Pros: Simple, yet complex cinematography.
Emotionally Involving Sound Design.
Cons: Odd Color Grading in some shots
This story really hit home with me.
We've all had to leave things behind in our life; whether it be relationships, friends, interests, places, or everything all at once.
This short really encompassed the emotions and nostalgia in going through that.
I've had to move home several times in my life, leaving so many memories and people behind, and I really felt that feeling again while I watched your short.
The sound design was really immersive and I liked the addition of the drone shots.
In most student films they feel forced and unnecessary, but here it felt authentic and flowed naturally in showing the atmosphere and setting of the film.
Old bridge, green fields and trees.
It's beautiful.

I've watched some of your other films on your channel, and I think it's by far your best.
It's simple, but it's a very personal moment that a lot of people can relate to, and it carries itself into the nostalgia in us all in the least cheap way possible.

I'm looking forward for what you have to come.

P.S. yeah, I did mention color grading as a con. Some shots looked a little too green, but I know you didn't have the most time and money to make this, so it's okay.
Pros: Audio Work, Music, Ambiance, coherent flashbacks, shooting style, its overall experience
Cons: Possibly the length
This film was well crafted! You managed to successfully set the correct mood at the beginning, and also were able to sustain that feeling unbroken throughout the film. I especially appreciated your attention to detail as regards sound design and score, two of the most overlooked yet vital components in any short film.

Your strengths lie in your ability to keep each portion of the film targeted emotionally on-point. By avoiding moments that would break the mood (such as overly bright shots or jarring sound-work) you were able to keep me engaged throughout the whole film. I believe your goal was to help audiences emotionally connect to your main character, and I strongly believe you succeeded. You did with me!

No film is without error, but I happy to tell you that yours is pretty close! The only things I could see you improving were a couple unclear shots and perhaps shortening the overall length of the film. These fall strictly under opinion, and I can assure you that your film already has enough weight to be labeled a victory. I think you have a career ahead of you!

In summary, I feel that this short film accurately captures the feeling of leaving a familiar place. I believe its strength comes from its successful crafting of a strong mood, via sound design and shooting style. I know that it will emotionally touch nearly every soul who sees it, and will earn its position as a well-crafted short film. I wish you success in your future endeavors.

Thanks for the experience!