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Out for Dinner

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  • Duration:
    8:23 Minutes
    Film made while attending:
    DSLR Nikon D3200
    Software Used:
    Adobe Premiere
    Film was submitted to following Schools:
    About two hikers who come across a man who
    who gains their trust for his own intentions....
    Fancy doing a review on IMDB? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5104420/?...
    Massive thanks to all the Cast and Crew!!
    Colin Titley - Warren
    Ahron Herbert - Jessie
    Henry Drumm - Brock Crew
    Directed and Written by Anton Arenko
    Sound - Adele Nelson/Jacob Charnock
    DOP -Andre Arenko
    Make Up -Grace Healy
    Edited by Kieron Bertani
    Directed by Anton Arenko

    Thanks to: Jon Oldham at Stockport College and Andrea Arenko.

    Shot on Location at Woodbank Park/ Vernon Park, Stockport UK.
    Filmed on a Nikon D3200
    Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro

Recent Reviews

  1. Arun George
    "Good Job"
    Pros - Good effort
    Nice location
    Cons - Foley work wasnt up to the mark
    The film was good. I am guessing it was done quickly. The locations are good. But foley work could have been much better. You can use a USB mic and audition for cost effective results. Other than that, the coloring was nice. A good job all around. Try more dramatic lighting the next time around though. Natural light can be a pain to shoot with.