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canon 7D
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro - Cubase5
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Pros: Easy plot to follow, Acting, Shot style and technique.
Cons: Character development with the main character, cinematography (lighting and tone) nothing exciting to keep the audience watching. (average viewer) maybe adding non-diegetic sounds as well .
Great use of central camera angles, the audience is almost always focused on the visage of the lead role and his stone-wall emotes are perfect for his character. Early on when we see the transaction between the passenger and our driver we get a good grasp on the disconnect between our character and his clients. It suggests a metaphor for the "lack of communication and meaningless transactions" the people in our society live by. We feel annoyed by the 2nd passenger who is rather talkative and after realization of their destination feel an automatic dislike for them. I think this short film accomplishes a great amount in only 5 and a half minutes of run time. With little dialog and sound, its intense camera angles and zooms do much of the talking. The last 20 seconds provides a powerful experience that caps off with a decision that pleases the audience. I would have like to seen more manipulation with lighting and even color grading if possible. The bright lights at times contradicts the tone of a scene that implies darkness and sometimes thoughts of violence. Perhaps having the film set during early evening or night time would also do the trick. Also maybe give the viewer another reason to feel for the lead character. He seems sad and even unhappy at times but show us why. This can be difficult to do in a short film but even something little can suffice. Very solid film all around; easy plot to follow with a ending that leaves the audience satisfied.
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Amirreza Taherverdi
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