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Canon 60d
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016
Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2016
Adobe After Effects CC2016
Adobe Audition CC 2016
Permanent is a short film that tells the story of Danielle Perry and her struggle to let go of her tumultuous past with her husband Jason Perry (a former football player suffering from manic depression) so that she can move forward with her current boyfriend Adrien Smith (a newly employed architectural engineer with a bright future and high hopes for their relationship).

Although Jason and Danielle are separated and Danielle has moved on with Adrien, she is struggling to let go of the past. In spite of constant insistence from Adrien, Danielle has not pressed Jason to sign the divorce papers citing that she just wants to give him more time to deal with his depression over a football injury that caused him not to go pro. Due to the altercation that caused Danielle to initially leave Jason, Adrien isn't so sympathetic to Jason's mental state. He warns Danielle to stay away from Jason because he is dangerous, a warning which unfortunately, Danielle does not take to heart.


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