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Film made while attending
Nashua North High School
JVC GY-HM100U ProHD Camcorder
Software Used
All filmed on location in New Hampshire

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Pros: Loved the large amount of colors in your shots, nice story
Cons: Too many close ups, low image quality, weak composition in shots
Overall not too bad, I enjoyed it. The one thing I'd say is just the overall composition of shots weren't the greatest. Too many closeups throughout the film. The actor did a great job though, it would have been very easy to give a poor performance in this, but he didn't!
Pros: Engaging writing, great simple story.
Cons: Picture quality's not the best. But forgivable
I enjoyed this. I think there were moments that could have easily felt pretentious or heavy-handed, but they did not, and that's a credit to good writing and direction. Also, that guy Dino Mitchell is a natural. Enjoyed his performance. Good job. Hoping to see more from you.


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