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Film made while attending
SONY A6300
Software Used
premiere pro, after effects
Other Film Equipment Used:
dji ronin s
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Latest reviews

Intruiging Starting
Pros: Script is great because we already jump into the character's universe and desire at the first seconds. Editing is good to me too even if I'm not a specialist.
Cons: Music could have better fade in and fade out to emphasis certain scenes
I was absorbed by the story told by the character's doing without dialogue. At first, I didn't know what the goal of the movie was until I saw it was like an uplifting motivation film. Editing is great.
Pros: Beautifully shot and was interesting from the get go! Good job!
Cons: The soundtrack choice could have been better and weighed the film down a bit.
I really enjoyed watching your film. The cinematography and editing was amazing. The story was cool too. Loved that it barely had dialogue and was visual throughout :)


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Habits short film
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4.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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