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  • Duration:
    2:25 (If you don't include end roll)
    Film made while attending:
    Sony A7S2
    Software Used:
    Premiere Pro
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    NTG4+ Microphone
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Recent Reviews

  1. Shaw Austin
    "Sharp and Clever"
    Pros - Witty, fast-paced, well-delivered, with an excellent use of visual gags and techniques, very clean and fun
    Cons - The budget seemed to run out about halfway through ;)
    I have not made it a habit to review many films on this site. I check in every now and again to see how things are going, and usually end up watching whatever has been recently added. I don't set my expectations too high, and usually enjoy myself.

    But your short film was exceptional.

    It actually took me by surprise with its cleverness and ability to keep things fresh and moving. It was funny, engaging, visually smart, and didn't overstay its joke. And on top of everything else, it managed to do this while avoiding low-brow humor (which is rare, as I've found). This may have been the best short I've seen on this site, and it worked solely by thinking outside the box.

    I nearly didn't watch it - the title had me thinking that it was a "running short on ideas" low-budget production. But snappy dialogue, a fun concept and a clever use of meta commentary quickly got me on board with this film. Have you guys heard of Monty Python? Studio C? Your short film is great for the same reasons I think these guys are great: a really keen sense of humor backed by good timing and clever visuals. You should really consider pursuing larger projects - the way you executed this one makes me think you would do an excellent job!

    When I watched your film, I started out passive, moved on to being intrigued, and ended up having a great time watching your film.

    And then it ended. Too soon.