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Film Information

2:25 (If you don't include end roll)
Film made while attending
Sony A7S2
Software Used
Premiere Pro
Other Film Equipment Used:
NTG4+ Microphone
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Youtube Channel:

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Latest reviews

Neat Concept
Pros: Good ideas
Cons: Poor execution
I thought this was a really cool concept but thought a lot of the ideas were poorly executed in this video. A lot of the jokes could of landed better and the comedic timing was definitely off. Great work though, I can tell a lot of time was spent here. A lot of the concepts were pretty cool and smart, also really liked the ending joke!
This flower very well and was really put together nicely. I enjoyed it! The motion blur transitions during the dialogue was very well put. The color grade and overall look of the film was also nice. No real complaints about it it look great and had a funny comedic story.
Pros: Great production design, pacing, acting, and editing.
Cons: The end credit roll consumed an excessive amount of time.
This film was very captivating from the start. I found the fourth wall break comedy to be at times better than in some professional films I've seen. One of the gags I liked was the banana on the boom pole coming into the top of the frame. The stark contrast in the color made it stick out of place and feel hilarious. Overall, the most impressive aspect was the pacing. Never did a shot feel too long or too quick. Each cut was timed well with the telling of the jokes making sure not to overdo anything. This short film got a few laughs out of me and I hope to see more on the way.


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BlueBand Films
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4.25 star(s) 4 ratings

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