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Religion is a Drug

My film teacher set a task for us to make short film noir in four days. This is what I came out with and I looked at experimenting with tracking. Massive thanks to everyone involved.

Film Information & Plot

4:47 Minutes
Film made while attending
Stockport College
Cannon 700D
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro
My film teacher set a task for us to make short film noir in four days. This is what I came out with and I looked at experimenting with tracking. Massive thanks to everyone involved. Cast/Crew
Dumiso Ndhlela as Leon
Dave Taylor as The Vicar.

Director - Anton Arenko
Production Manager - Beth Collinson
Creative Director - Danyal Karim
Script Writers - Anton Arenko & Danyal Karim
Sound Operator - Beth Collinson
DOP/Editor - Kieron Bertani

Latest reviews

Pros: The ending and the way religion was being subtlety promoted in such an interesting way made me share this video at Facebook Feed
Cons: It's hard to sum up this project and to capture it in less than 5 minutes a little more time would've helped. Also if you're going to shoot someone right in the face PLEASE make sure you have muzzle flash
I always enjoy watching people come up with a new take on an old idea. Peddling religion like a drug. In fact Karl Marx called religion the opiate of the masses. Seeing it portrayed as a drug is a very unique and interesting take. It's unfortunate that you didn't have more time to make that clear.

The ending should've been reshot to not show the muzzle flash though
Pros: Great camera work, Very good use of lighting and setting to tell the story, Acting is definitely above par for a student film
Cons: The story was not incredibly enticing to me personally
A great directing effort: Scenes were cut well and the setting added greatly to the mood of the plot and I thought this was avery interesting watch. Although the story itself did not interest me greatly, I liked the emotion that it brought that is seldom found in a student film, and in this case the setting, lighting, camera work, and acting all contributed equally to the story telling which kept me in the story.
Pros: Well directed, well acted, great ending
Cons: Quite repetitive, some sound issues
For this to have been made as a project in just four days is really a rather impressive feat, and the film certainly met all the expectations of a noir piece. I thought, for the brief screen time they were given, the actors gave interestingly nuanced performances, and I did enjoy the ending. That said, I thought that the same, long shot being used over and over got to be quite boring, though that's understandable since you were experimenting with tracking. I'd suggest not framing the action so closely, it became quite difficult to see exactly what was going on at times, though the claustrophobic feel produced as a result was interesting. There were also some problems with sound, I thought the music was too loud and I had some difficulty hearing the dialogue, but otherwise I thought it was a solid short and certainly well-crafted for the time allotted.


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Film information

Added by
Anton Arenko
Last update
4.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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