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Restroom 13

YouTube URL:
  • Duration:
    Film made while attending:
    Ort Psagot Karmiel College
    Canon 700d
    Software Used:
    Adobe Primiere, Adobe After Effects and Da Vinci Resolve
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    Dolly, Zoom 6
    Were you Accepted?:
    Awards won:
    Won Best Short Film @UnoSguardoRaro International Film Festival (Italy 2018), Tom Zidner Nominee for Best Actor @Eclipse International Film Festival (California 2018), Finalist and Official Selection @Travel Talkies (India 2017) and @FECEA Film Festival (Brazil 2017)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Barracuda_Productions
    "Really Great!"
    Really liked this short! Great camera angles. I also liked the blue light in the bathroom, I think it made the whole feel and tone of the movie a lot more intense, especially the flickering. The place couldn't be perfect. I don't know if you made the bathroom on purpose look like that, with the light blulbs, letters on wall etc or not but it was just perfect. As far as the acting is concerned, I liked how the main character was playing. The other people, I think, needed to "feel" it a little bit more. All in all, great try! Well done with all of the prizes!