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Roomie (Horror Short)

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Pros: Lighting and concept was great. The camera angles and good. Very good photography
Cons: Execution was a little off. The main actor was not natural enough.
Loved the whole concept. The lighting and camera work was very good. I feel the main actor was not natural enough..but still the overall acting was good. Music was good too. The overall look was very nice and had a little bit of a creepy factor to it. Good work overall!
Pros: Sound Design
Cons: Performances
Narrative Inconsistencies
Great set-up. Nice mood established and a good use of genre tropes. Felt it unravelled a little towards the end in terms of logic, which is understandably difficult given the film length and genre.

Nice use of hand held camera and a sort of David Lynch vibe established early on.

Could have perhaps built more tension by maintaining an abstract tone similar to the start of the piece.

All in all a good job :)
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Pros: Very interesting concept and direction. Good job overall!!!
Roomie is a well executed short with plenty of suspense to go around. Overall direction is good and scenes are dark. I would like to see more character development (ie cuts to pictures, family or past friends, tv) and alittle more movement in the scenes. That being said I really enjoyed the theme and direction of your short. Good Job!
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