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YouTube URL:
  • Duration:
    23 Minutes
    Film made while attending:
    Woodinville HS
    Canon Rebel T5i
    Software Used:
    Premiere Pro

Recent Reviews

  1. AliSykes
    "Beautiful display of motifs"
    Pros - Definitely a very thought out film, I can tell nothing was put in without meaning behind it.
    Cons - Sometimes lines were delivered in a way that sounded a bit cheesy, of course as the director and not the actor that is not necessarily your fault.
    I picked up on the importance of the colors, which I think is brilliant, especially the very subtle sawing the wood in half where one side is green and the other red. Also the plot twist at the end was very unexpected and added so much to the story of the film. This film really left me wanted to know more.
  2. Evie F
    "Intriguing film"
    The use of color in this film is excellent. Once making the connection in the film of the use of color, each shot has so much more meaning. Well-developed script, that was complimented by the actors and shots. Excellent balance between action, drama, and self-reflection.
  3. Melvin Landry
    "Smart and Great short"
    Pros - It's shot in a way that doesn't use just common camera angles. The soundtrack is more original than one usually finds in the average movie. A good balance between intensity and some light humor. A nicely written script
    Cons - Use of teenagers as adults, but this can be hard to work around as a student filmmaker
    Came across this and thought it looked interesting, good decision by me to watch it. I found this short to be very smart and well shot, and it to be very intriguing. It held my attention and with only just over 20minutes of film, it still conveyed the plot and moral in a coherent fashion.