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SMS - Horror Short Film

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    Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
    Software Used:
    Final Cut Pro X
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    AT897 Condenser Microphone

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  1. Nate Sparks
    "Cool Little Jumper"
    Pros - Camera angles are excellent as well as lighting and sound
    Cons - plot was rather thin, but it is a typical jump scarer
    Who is texting her? Why? And why would you be alone during a thunder storm with no other lights on? I thought this was a well done short film that did exactly what they wanted...I think! Give us a nice cheap jump scare! It was simple enough a premise and actually provided a jump when needed. Played on the genre and effective little film. I thought the lighting, sound effects, and acting were good. Not speaking Malaysian, I was unsure of the text content, but the meaning of the film and intent didn't really need dialogue.
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