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Soldier of Solitude

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    Film made while attending:
    Canon Xa10, Rebel T6i, Gopro 4 black
    Software Used:
    Adobe Premiere cc, After Effects, Adobe Audition
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    Drone, Professional voiceover, Firecrackers
    Separated from his squad in wretched German territory, our American hero is on a perilous journey to get back home. This is war, this is The Soldier of Solitude.

Recent User Reviews

  1. JulianDaKool
    "I'll Tag Along with Good Attempt"
    Pros - Color
    A short, short film that could easily be expanded. The look of the film is great, I think it represented what you were going for. Further use of a drone could add onto the film, such as another view for the character running. I think motion blur would've made for a greater effect in that scene, or further slow motion. Looks like you tried something new with the effects of the bullets and view from the scope. Just more practice in other attempts and I think the work will become stronger.
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    1. Brennan Weber
      Thanks so much!
  2. amitchauhanfilmco
    "Lovely Intro.."
    Pros - Background score..film execution
    Cons - Vfx..
    Its an overall good movie..just wish it was a bit longer. But still a great effort and the drone shots were pretty nice...will like to see more of your stuff in the near future..Try to choose a little bit more longer subject the next time..Overall a nice film..Keep up the good work...Cheers !
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    1. Brennan Weber
      Thank you!
  3. Thamid Rumi
    "Nice attempt."
    Pros - Musical score
    Cons - Vfx , voice over
    First of all it was a very nice try , but I feel it didn't reach it's full potential. The musical score was very good.
    But the voice over at the start didn't feel like 'war'.It felt like a commercial. Maybe you could have used some walkie talkie audio. The voice over of the soldier also felt emotionless. The vfx was poor . It was dragging me out of the story. If you couldn't afford a vfx artist maybe you could have used just audio. We don't really need to see the bullet , just the audio of a gunshot would have been much better.
    Anyways hope you do better next time. Good luck.
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