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Something (2015)

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Pros: Writing, directing, producing, acting, and cinematography!
Cons: Wish it was longer!!!!
Incredible short film with a compelling story! I'm in tears!!! I'm so happy that I found this! I'm sharing this with everyone! :)
Pros: Nice lighting, cinematography, and locations
Cons: wall to wall music and ending
This film is a scene cut from something that could have been bigger. Its very poetic and it almost has a music video vibe from the flashbacks cuts and music. I would recommend to not have music in some of moments in the film so that the audience feels the tension in the air between the two characters, which get drowned out by the melancholy piano music. Lastly, the ending is cut too soon. You need to give what the audience needs which is the resolution. Whether she says yes or no is better than not giving a response because the whole story is leading to that cathartic point of the story. Without it, the audience will feel cheated and unsatisfied.