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Somewhere Between Freedom and Protection, Kansas

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  • Film made while attending:
    Univeristy of Kansas Undergraduate, Film Studies
    Canon 1DC, Vintage Pentax Prime Lenses
    Software Used:
    Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve
    Film was submitted to following Schools:
    NYU Tisch
    UT Austin
    Boston University
    Columbia University
    Were you Accepted?:
    Director Statement
    "Somewhere Between Freedom and Protection, Kansas" is about the exodus of young people from rural Kansas communities. In 2011 I took a job as the editor of a small town newspaper, primarily because it seemed like an adventure but hoped it would inform my work as a filmmaker.

    In the hundreds of news and features I wrote at the newspaper, I found many were closely tied to young people and a growing sentiment that, once having left, most would never return. I wrote "Somewhere" as a film mediation on one young person and this trend of rural exodus'.

    The film is about isolation, loneliness, distance and the weight of family-centered communities on young people. Much of the themes and visual ques in the film stem from my personal experiences and impressions of these communities.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Attila Tóth
    "cinematic style"
    First ____Sorry for my bad english :) Great camera work, Good audio, Cinematic style edit, The direction and screenplay are very good___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Christopher Sampson
    "Poignantly beautiful"
    A gorgeously shot exploration of an individual's choices and the impacts this will have. As someone who has moved away from home, I was touched by its honesty and poetic truth. Perfect choices of music, and the film breathes with life, authenticity and sincerity. Respectful, Intriguing, utterly beautiful.
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  3. dvxdm
    Somewhere Between is a beautiful film. I was fascinated by how the director used images and sound to vacillate between serenity and ennui. As someone who comes from a family-centered community, this film struck a chord with me. Would love to see more.
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