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Spam (Horror Short)

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    Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor: Noah Kiriu
    Starring Seth Mills

    shot on the a7sii using rokinon primes and canon L glass.

Recent Reviews

  1. Matt Senior
    "Really nice"
    Pros - Cinematography, sound effects.
    Cons - For the type of film that it is, it couldn't really be much better!
    I enjoyed this. Short enough not to waste your time. I like how it plays with the use of junk mail on a computer, inspired by recent Unfriended and Friend Request movies I assume.
    Perhaps the JVC earphones could have been different, to ensure no product placement issues.
    Overall an effective short horror film. Really nice cinematography and foley sound effects. Well done.
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  2. Rishikesh Shah
    Pros - killer concept
    Cons - a few things here and there but nothing major so not going to mention.
    Cant wait to see more of this! The concept is interesting. The killer sits at home kills 1000's around with just one spam mail. I want to know how the killer escapes. Wow! this actually made me think of so many things. Hands down this is a must watch!
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