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Film made while attending
New York Film Academy
Software Used
Final Cut Pro 4
Other Film Equipment Used:
Dolly, Reflectors
Awards won
Honorable Mention at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

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Pros: The music was good.
setting was cool
Cinematography was good.
Cons: Confusing.
Where'd she go????
The film was good, I was just confused on what was happening and where she went. I liked the music and the way it sounded. The setting was beautiful and very fitting. The cinematography and camera angles were interesting and informative. Although the costumes were nice, the homeless girl did not have a costume to suit her character.
Pros: Fast and highly amateur type
Cons: Less depiction , notba strong story board
Short good short film on perceptions of people which may go wrong , quickly shot and quite amateur in style ,guess not short with. A camera But more of a mobile camera device the music goes well with each frames , more depth can be added into many shots and the actors could have put in more if natural acting , mood of the whole scene is projected , lightings are
Natural type
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Pros: Great selection of music and interesting twist at the end.
Cons: A rather usual short film concept including some strange coincidences that are hardly believable.
Interesting view of something we see regularly. Adequate acting and music that compliments without shadowing the action. The plot seems to be rather fairytale-inspired and the idea of the crippled girl following a stranger seemed to me rather fictional.
Still, very good shooting, especially during the chase, that conveys tension without confusing the viewer.
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Anthony Fins
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