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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Rancocas Valley Regional High School
Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Other Film Equipment Used:
Rode Video Mic, Tripod, Newwer shoulder rig, Zoom H1
In the mind there are two places: the light--riddled with confusion and greed--and the darkness--filled with man's dark desires. Between the two is a wall, a barrier between good and evil. The only thing capable of breaking this wall is the corrupter of all man... insanity.
Image 8-15-18 at 11.02 AM.jpeg

Starring: Aidan Collett, Craig Canning, John Hager, Anthony Vinci, Madison Corn, Nate Price, Rich Snyder, and Grace Oddo

Written by: Aidan Collett

Directed by: Aidan Collett

Produced by: Aidan Collett and the Collett Family

Original Soundtrack by: Bryce Stout and Aidan Collett

This film is in no way affiliated with Warner Bros. or DC Comics. Original characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.


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Film information

Added by
Aidan Collett
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