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Straight Outta Comm School

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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Marquette University
Software Used
Avid Media Composer
Written & Directed by: Nina Guzman
Assistant Writer: Sarah Smithy
Editor: Nina Guzman

Nina Guzman
Sarah Smithy
Natasha Mraz
Adam Brown
Tom Heiner
Hannah Byron

Latest reviews

Pros: I enjoyed the camera nice use of angles and the editors cuts that matched with the beat of the music.
Cons: Being a music video parody and for the vocals not to match up with the lip sync ruins the piece. I was more focused on if when the music lined up with the performers mouthing of the words than what was going on.
The camera and editor knew what they were doing I can't say the same for everyone else. Even though this was a parody I think the making of it may have been more amusing than the final product. If more time and effort was spent on the matching the vocals to the performance or doing takes on set to match the vocals this would've been a solid piece.
Pros: Absolutely no merit.
Cons: -Audio mixing is horrible
-Lips (for some reason) don't seem to be in sync
-Cheap lyric replacements (when there are any)
-Cinematography not reflective of the original material
-Selena Gomez's rap delivery is better than the parody's.
Parodies, in general, don't even come close to the potential in humor. Jokes usually seem cheap and predictable. The offensive argue that parody artist have to come up with parodies rapidly after a hit song's release in order to get those views, which adds to reasons why parody artists avoid rap. Parody being a focus on lyrical, sometimes solely, forces parody artists to actually be good at writing rap for the parody to reach decent levels.

This parody had the benefit of being an old song, no rush to get it out and could focus on these crucial lyrics of the song. Yet, this parody is the worst parody I've ever seen/heard. The title of the parody is cliche, a straight-out-of-blank title, a warning on the horrors of the play button. The song itself it a speech about why comm school is amazing, not clever, stays fairly direct about the message. The parody even cuts lines directly from the orginal song,"weekly, monthly and yearly". If there were no exact pasting, there would, probably, be more potential for jokes to actually appear in the speech. The speech isn't mixed well either, the instrumental sounds quite compared to the vocal, plus the delivery was horrible anyways. The second rapper in the song smiled the whole time, all of that intimidation thrown out the window as the obviously-fake smoker tried to look hard.

Real quick, let us peak on the cinematography. The camera is mostly on the people rapping the entire time, and the people aren't doing anything to build on there message. The official video for Straight Out of Compton focuses on the environment and only looks at people when they are actually doing something. This video has people sitting in a computer room for little reason; the original video had a man running from the cops.

This seems to be a mere school project, especially with all of the school hype. However, you've chosen to promote this video, so the video is not given any leniency. For people shouting about the love of comm school, I expected a English spectacle and not this lousy attempt.


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