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Summer Citrus

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Film made while attending
Coronado High School
Canon T5i
Software Used
Premiere Pro CC

Latest reviews

Really enjoyed this, I thought this was very well paced and was entertaining throughout, but thought there could have been more of a punchline at the end. Also the acting was not very believable in places, but all round a great watch! Would have liked to have seen more of guy who liked the lemonade.
Pros: Great film
Cons: starts off a little slow
Great film! I was really impressed at how much was fit into ten minutes in terms of story progression. Acting was great for a student film and at times I laughed. The camera work was by far some of the best Ive seen. You could watch this with the sound off and still pick up a good story. Good job
Pros: -Good Humor
-Good Storyline
-Very Well Shot. with good Quality Picutre
-Nice moral core to the Story
Cons: - Some parts could of had a bit more shot variation
- Frame Rate maybe could have been slowed down a tad.
- The quick pan needed to be faster
This had a nice moral story to it, the acting was decent. The quality of the video resolution was superb and the shots were really good. only thing is to be aware of is the position of where the sun is the last part where they invite the guys to in the pool the guys inviting them were too dark I think. Overall really decent film :)


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Nico Fulton Lavachek
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4.33 star(s) 3 ratings

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