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Summer Walk

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Canon Vixa HFR400
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Elements 9

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Pros: It was a cute pet piece. I wish I had one for my own pet.
Cons: I wish there was more of a storyline.
I'm curious about what this piece was made for. What were your thoughts going in? This is a great start, but keep building on it. Don't be afraid to get really creative! You could use a lot more close ups or do some fun editing. I liked the jump cuts, but I wish there were more of them. I also wasn't crazy about the song.
Pros: -Some Nice Shots
Cons: -Boring
-Not very creative
Okay so I think that this film very minimal with what you could have done, would have liked to have seen it be more of a little documentary about you and your relationship with your dog. This was pretty boring to be honest and next time, think about your audience and whether they going to be entertained by the video you want to make and put yourself in their shoes. Otherwise this sort of stuff belongs on Youtube and not on this site. The pro being that you did get some nice shots in there. Just next time make something entertaining to watch.
Pros: The dog owns the screen.
Cons: uninventive cinematography
Too much of the same. Switch it up. I found myself barely making it through it. The dog does own every scene though. Interested to see what your next project is and hope to see more of the dog. But for now I have to admit I am less than impressed. Keep it up though. Try and add something new. Maybe a story. Some dialog. Give the dog a voice over. That could be interesting.


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