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Film Information & Plot

30 minutes
Film made while attending
New York Film Academy - 1 Year Conservatory (2017 - 2018)
Sony Fs7 - principal photography / Sony a7ii - room destruction shot / samsung phone - montage sequence
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro
Da Vinci Resolve
Pro Tools
Other Film Equipment Used:
Zoom F8n - Sound Recording / some LED lights / I can't remember what else anymore
Awards won
Screened at Indie Night Film Festival in TCL Chinese Theatre / Best Indie Short - October 2019 - Vegas Movie Awards / Award of Merit - April 2019 - Indie Fest
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Pros: camera, angles, style, scenes
Cons: none
I really liked it, its very pro and has good camera angles, thank you for sharing.really cool, i really liked , very pleasent to see a good shortfilm being produced this time of year, a nice and well crafted short, i will recommend it to my friends, its really interesting, very nice job, keep it up


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Fritz the Mann
Fritz the Mann
I appreciate the feedback, Dhalius. I'm glad you liked it and if you recommend it to friends let me know what they think too!


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