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~8 minutes
Film made while attending
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Pros: very artistic and colorful and a deep story
Cons: not a film
I liked it as a story but not as a film. With a legitimate camera and actors this story could be brought to life. The story gave life to a cyberpunk universe and the pieces of art gave a colorful depiction of it. Overall the story was compelling but it was too experimental to be a film.
Pros: ...what?
Cons: Miscategorized as a film.
It is hard to write a review for this "film" without sounding like a mean a**hole, but I hope the filmmaker can understand the substance and purpose of this review. I am not a family member that needs to be encouraging, my job is to give it to you straight.

This is not a film.

This is a slideshow with a digital zoom, some writing and (likely) some stock music. This is not kinestasis or experimental. The filmmaker is either inexperienced or lazy.

So let's talk about the future.

Dear Filmmaker, there are probably half a million people around the world that lay in their bed at night and dream of making films that get attention, that move people, that contribute in some way to understanding of humanity, make people laugh, make people cry, ect. They are working hard, many with no resources and no support. They put in the time, energy and make sacrifices. They are all doing push ups and working harder than we are. One percent of those people will have a chance at making something of significance.

Be that one percent and stop wasting your time on this nonsense.
Pros: Beautiful Art, Excellent Music
Cons: Experimental aspects substitute any narrative
I won't claim to be well-versed with experimental features, so maybe this just wasn't for me. The art and music were very strong but to me this just came off as a bit of a glorified slideshow. But hey, art is subjective so I'll give this the benefit of the doubt and say if you're interested in more arty pieces, give this a watch, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. But for me, I prefer more narrative-based films so I didn't get a whole lot from it.


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