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"The 31st"

YouTube URL:
  • Duration:
    Film made while attending:
    Florida State University
    Nikon D5500
    Software Used:
    Adobe Premiere Elements
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    Rode Shotgun Mic
    Awards won:
    3rd Place- ASLC Midnight Horror Film Festival

Recent Reviews

  1. tswheaton
    "Great Concept"
    Pros - Solid film with good plot
    Cons - Atmosphere
    G'day and thanks for sharing! Perfect timing with Halloween upon us.

    I enjoyed the premise of this film, with a clear set-up and some nice haunting effects that wouldn't have broken the bank. Indiana Travis has to get a nod as he shares my name, though of course the film is carried by the main actress who certainly conveys her turmoil well.

    The choice of shots/angles felt fluid and offered suitable coverage of the events, though I felt toward the end it should perhaps have gotten a little darker, even with either a little fog or a vignette perhaps for the reveal of the "ghost".

    The flashbacks complimented the main storyline, increasing the tempo and tension for the climax - however when it arrived, I just felt the main character should have had a slightly more dramatic response upon seeing her dead friend. Seriously though - it's just a nitpick - my lecturer always said with short films, "Once you get to the end, get out quick", and that's what you've done! :)


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