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The Betrayal Of Judas (2006)

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10 minutes
Film made while attending
Griffith Film School
Sony DSR-300
Software Used
Final Cut Pro
Other Film Equipment Used:
Boom mic, Light Kit
A mockumentary about the relationship between Jesus and Judas... What more can one say?

Anthony came up with this idea, and after working through his material and whittling it down to work in our time-frame, we set about working out how to do it!

This was our 2nd film, with the 1st having only required "1 pan and 1 tilt". This time we had free reign to make a "5 minute" short. (Yes, we were way over time, but were told as long as it "felt" like 5 minutes, we'd be ok.)

The actors were also friends of Anthony, who was studying both film & drama. This was where I met Peter Crees (Judas), who I insisted on bringing back on all future projects.

I was the camera operator, script editor, video editor and got my nickname - "executive producer" as I proved great at resolving conflicts / problems.


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