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The Close Distance of Clarity

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Film made while attending
Wayne State University
Sony a3000
Software Used
Premier pro
Other Film Equipment Used:
Shotgun mic, shoulder rig
A young woman receives a gift from her oblivious mother. Following her refusal of the gift, she is forced to face the consequences of not acknowledging her past distant emotions.

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Pros: - opening shots drew me in
- music and tone were nice
- visuals and editing pacing felt good
Cons: - not a fan of that font
- voiceover felt bit abrupt and maybe would have been more engaging if built into film content (see review)
- perhaps more depth of field (her in focus, background out of focus, or some focus pulls)
I like the subject matter and the opening shots and music really drew me in. Wasn't a fan of the font but that's pretty subjective. After the subtly of the opening the voiceover felt a bit abrupt, and at one point I found myself wondering if it was the girl I was seeing or her mom speaking to her (it's the girl right?). For shorts in particular, I think it can be more engaging to work a voiceover into the films content somehow, like a phone call to her mom or friend, or perhaps she's performing a poem at an open mic to practice being more vulnerable and cut could back and forth. Generally I liked the flow of the visuals, editing, and voiceover. Think shots of her could have had tad more depth of field and voiceover could have had pauses or rhythm changes to kind of break it up. Generally enjoyed, and insecurity content always relatable, thanks :)


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