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The Doll (Axis Video)

When a woman goes through the painstaking heartbreak of delivering a stillborn child...she does what she feels best.

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Pros: Editing and making choices from an emotional place is a virtue.
Cons: Has no precision and lacks overall clarity and vision.
'The Doll' is a 1:30 short film, seemingly about a stillborn baby and a creepy doll. I only understood that from the description as the film itself is unclear and is lacking in basic cinematic elements of story structure, emotional beats, turning points, and even basic visual language.

Logic, in the precious opening seconds, is destroyed when we hear a baby crying and a 'flatline' heart monitor. Neither make sense for logical and/or emotional reasons.

However, it seems the filmmaker understood practicality and thus tried to substitute an actual event (which would have been likely impossible to accomplish) with a representation of those events; i.e. the sounds from the hospital room. This leads me to believe that at least some cinematic elements are beginning to influence this filmmaker.

I do not think this film is for public consumption, but I hope is an early exercise of a future budding filmmaker.


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