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The Judas

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Latest reviews

Pros: Cinematography, Sound Design, Special Effects, Makeup
Cons: Costume Design, Some Acting
Just wanna star off by saying WOW! For a student film and even for a film in general, the cinematography and sound design on this film were marvelous, defiantly Hollywood level stuff. The cinematography especially captivated me, I don't know how you were able to pull off some of those overhead shots. The effects with the cross and especially the wind were really well handled and kept me captivated throughout. The only thing that took me out of the film a little was the main charaters acting. Acting is hard to judge with no dialogue but the instance where he screams in fright I found to be a little corny, although besides that instance he was for the most part fine. My only other complaint would be the design of the monster which looked a tad corny when it was fully revealed, but this is to no fault of your own I'm sure, with the budget you most likely had. Just to end on a high note, (SPOILER) **** the concept of the demon possessing the priest in the end was quite exciting to see. Overall, I thought this film was excellent and I hope to see you make more in the future.


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