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The Last

YouTube URL:
  • Duration:
    Film made while attending:
    Global Leadership Academy
    Canon 550D
    Software Used:
    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    The Last 2.5 - Copy.jpeg

Recent Reviews

  1. VagabondS
    "THE LAST"
    Pros - Nice joob...
    Cons - I enjoy the style and tecnic....
    Nice misture with style and tecnich ... good movement!... I inspire wed this film for mi work! the colors are amazing and nice... paysage and context are the best choise of the film!!! the actors are prety ready and professionals and do the work very wel...
    the guns are good choise and look very realistic... for me look like holywood film... Congratulations for the good work in this short film...