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The Missing Files

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Audiovisual Art
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Cinema4D, After Effects
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Pros: Stunning Atmosphere and Dark tone.
Cons: I would Like to see more story.
From the first shot You're brought directly into the amazing sound design combo with the flawless visuals, I fund myself completely enamored with the tone!
When it was over however I felt less of a plot driven film and more of a graphics expose.
That being said it very much worked for what I think you were going for.
Pros: Great "creepy" tone established, Cinematography, VFX
Cons: unclear plot
From the title "The Missing Files" the creepy mysterious tones are already set. the strange cinematography never reveals too much information, and paired with the square aspect ratio and glitchy sound design it manages to capture the idea that we are watching raw footage from an old camcorder.

One element that could possibly be improved would be a little bit more of an actual plot/explanation to the reveal at the end however the lack of information did also lead to creating an the greater sense of mystery.
Pros: Creative, edgy and artistic
Cons: I was waiting for a plot to unfold.
I chose to review this film because the title was interesting. This is a grainy black and white short with musical muffled sounds that adequately fits the visuals. It's artistic and creative, but I'm not sure what was accomplished. I was waiting for a plot to be revealed, but the film is more emotional with no dialogue or explanation. It's interesting, with numerous special effects that ebb and flow with an edgy dynamic, that captures your attention. The cinematography was unusual but I enjoyed it.


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Juan Enriquez
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