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The POWER of Social Networks / TRAILER

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  • Duration:
    2 min - 30 sec
    Film made while attending:
    Lumix GH2
    Software Used:
    Corel Studio PRO X8, After effect,
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    Pilotfly H1, SLR Magic 12mm
    Power of Social Networks.jpg 12932725_975366112528709_714508329024862960_n.jpg 16472819_1218554994876485_6032733965596678841_n.jpg First trailer for upcoming student film / Slovak dubbing - English subtitles

    Réžia/Directed by : Peter Goldberger
    Scenár/Screenplay : Lukáš Lacko
    Kamera,Strih/ Camera,Editing : Attila Tóth

    Hrajú/Cast: Anita Goldbergerová, Dominika Kuželová, Milan Líška, Michaela Chabadová, Samuel Stroška, Lukáš Lacko, Roland Bugyi, Matej Lenčéš, Lukáš Kocmánek, Dominik Meszároš.

    STORY :
    The film tells a story about six young students, who had decided to spend winter holiday at cottage in the middle of forest. Innocent fun goes wrong the moment girls upload their photo on Facebook. Nobody has a clue, that the picture made it to the dark side of the internet and isn’t seen just by regular social media users. This movie will show you, how much evil can be caused by such a basic thing named “SELFIE”.

Recent User Reviews

  1. Jonnymac
    "Very well done"
    Pros - Creepy music, incorporated the title, I knew what this film was about by watching the trailer, good acting, created a solid emotional response.
    Cons - long intro
    Overall very good. The super long student intro was a pain to get through but once it got to the actual trailer, it was good. I knew what this film was about by watching the trailer which is something you always want to do. From what I saw the acting was good. The final scenes where these guys showed up created a solid emotional response. Two thumbs up.
  2. Jeffrey Wang
    "Intro a bit long, otherwise loook good"
    The introduction part is quite long, it's a 2:30 trailer and the first 50s doesn't really say anything about the film, it feels like 50s of behind-the-scenes. I think it would be ok for the actual film, but maybe a bit too much for a short trailer. The rest of it looks good though!
  3. gurmeet singh
    "fantastic trailer"
    Pros - This was good content
    Cons - Everything was good
    Make thing like thid keep it up... I thing this stufff cam make big diffrence in future.. Use maximum strength of ur work and capabilities and never loose hopes you are doing good and alwys keep in ur mind .. Be down to earth stay blessed .. And make stuff like thidls alwys
    Attila Tóth likes this.