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The Shadow of Your Mind in Frozen Solace

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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Sona A7II
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro
Other Film Equipment Used:
DJI Mavic Pro, and Glide Cam
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Latest reviews

Pros: Great photography, well placed music and a story line with immense potential.
Cons: echo effect makes dialog hard to understand and takes the viewer out of the story. The quasi-happy ending seems to make the journey of little consequence
The 'Shadow of Your Mind in Frozen Solace' takes the viewer into a solitary mans thoughts while he takes on a challenge set forth by some friends to endure a night in winter wilderness.
Starting with an off camera discussion concerning another man who froze to death overnight in the area, the only on camera actor perceives this as a potential test and takes the challenge.
As we follow the subject through a wooded area, we hear his thoughts processed through an echo effect (also subtitled) as he realizes some faults in his thinking and preparation for enduring the elements. The echo makes it difficult to hear what he's actually thinking so the subs are necessary. I would suggest using whispering instead of echo to depict his inner conscience. This might also make it possible to inflect more drama and emotion into the subtext as it plays out.
Great opening cinematography which pairs up nicely with the closing footage. This sort of circular expedition -rural road/rough wooded terrain/rural road serves as a nice metaphor for the subjects travails and missteps in life. I suggest more focus on critical factors in his life as he makes his way out of the woods.
Other points: the subtle intro of a 2 note orchestral figure is well done. This motif is later fleshed out as a piano and orchestra underscore.

I love the idea of the subjects' thoughts getting deeper into past regrets and fears as he physically ventures deeper into the woods. I was a little disappointed that he found his way out back to civilization before nightfall with no real resolution of his inner turmoil.
One could take this in other directions such as: night comes on, his thoughts get more and more disturbed and self-critical and he succumbs to exposure. Thus the beginning description of another man dying in the wilderness serves as a portent of his own fate. But maybe thats just my inner David Lynch coming through.
All in, great effort! Never stop writing and filming.


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Alex Roselli
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4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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