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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Pratt Institute
Canon 5D
Software Used
Adobe Flash, Premiere, After Effects
Student animation made as a senior capstone project at Pratt Institute.
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Latest reviews

Great job! Great animations and combination of the scenes. Characters are diferent and this makes much more attraction :) Interesting, diferent perspectives and camera angles.
Maybe if color temp. was set to be a little more coolor, movie will look better.
Pros: Animation
Character Design
color palette
Cons: Everything else
I LOVE seeing something different and this animation certainly was that!
The animation/live action film gets pulled out every so often (although one could argue nearly all studio films are significantly animated). I loved this genre as a kid, Roger Rabbit, Cool World, ect.

The colors are vibrant, the animation is simple and interesting and the music is contemporary and I think a good choice for the pace of the film as a whole.

My biggest criticism is that the animation has been put to the forefront, while the cinematography and story has been pushed out almost completely.

All of the "live" camera work is stale and it feels it was constructed simple to get to the animation. These films work best when both the animation and live action are given equal billing, equal attention and equal precision.

So what this becomes is a kind of weak short film with some pretty good animation in it. That just isnt enough. This feel like a "hey look what I can do," not a complete story. Great for a portfolio snippet, not so great as a stand alone film.

I think the animator would do themselves a favor by trying to collaborate with a filmmaker that shares their vision and interest and do something more well rounded.
Pros: I seriously admire your creativity.
Cons: NONE.
This was fantastic. I had no idea what to expect. You pushed some serious boundaries. It was simple, yet impossible to predict. It felt so liberating. I love love love the animation and how well it goes with the song. I also thought the shots of the city were excellent because there were no other people in them. I really can't think of any cons. This was cool.


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