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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Academic University, Unit 46
canon 7D
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro - Cubase5
Other Film Equipment Used:

Latest reviews

Pros: Excellent wide angles and chosen score. Great actor -- the expression of his face and eyes show it all.
Cons: Color grading can also be improved.
In this puzzling short, the depiction shows that suicidal thoughts can go on loop inside a person's mind. It can be stop but it may also linger, perhaps forever.
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Pros: Interesting concept, music supports the narrative well.
Cons: I started losing attention at about 80% of the film.
Really liked the concept and would love to see the story expanded and developed! Deadpan acting really helps set up the eerie atmosphere and create a separate world although against a backdrop of mundane scenery. In my opinion the music is a bit too intense in comparison to the background where the movie was filmed. Besides that I enjoyed watching it!
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Pros: simple, direct concept with complex undertones
I think this is brilliant. The audio was clear and relevant, and the shots were distinctive and interesting. This concept was perfectly executed and has left me wanting to see more of this man's story, which is a sign of a great film. The soundtrack also plays a particularly perfect role in this short as it intensifies the mystery of this narrative.

Well done!
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I just stumbled on this site today. I love this, I love a place where you can see things for free and quickly. You ought to do something to get people to come here, place some inexpensive ads like on free movies on youtube.. I thought this was really great, well shot, I disagree with the person who said the sound was too intense for the background because the sound correlates with what is going on inside this guy's head. He was disrupted while about to kill himself by seeing a guy who looks just like him and his heart is pounding as he follows that guy. I thought this was creative and fabulous, the ending was incredible. If the guy who made this made a full length movie, I bet it would be good, like an M. Knight Shyamalan film. I would pay to see something from this guy.

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Amirreza Taherverdi
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