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  1. Emery Cota
    Pros - simple, direct concept with complex undertones
    I think this is brilliant. The audio was clear and relevant, and the shots were distinctive and interesting. This concept was perfectly executed and has left me wanting to see more of this man's story, which is a sign of a great film. The soundtrack also plays a particularly perfect role in this short as it intensifies the mystery of this narrative.

    Well done!
  2. Daniel Shipway
    "Really Enjoyed It"
    Pros - Great concept, shot well, strangely gripping, wide shots used to great effect.
    Cons - People may switch off before the twist.
    I REALLY enjoyed this. I don't know what made it so gripping to me. The concept was very good!

    In terms of how it was shot, I liked it. It was very sharp and the use of wide shots worked to great effect.

    The only negative I have is that that could have been some more areas of interest. It maybe felt too long even though it was really short.
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  3. Nic Emery
    Pros - clean, looks good, works
    Cons - handheld, acting,
    Hey, great job.

    It's an interesting concept effectively played out. Bravo. The looking shots definitely worked which was my biggest concern when I realized what was happening.

    The only thing I would really work on in working with the actor. Perhaps you are going for a muted take on the character, but it's nice to see emotion (depression, shock seeing himself, fear, whatever).

    Some of the compositions were tame, but not horrible.

    All around, nice work. Will be nice to see a more detailed, elongated account of something similar.
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  4. Freddie Lee 3
    Pros - Actor, Concept, Location, Sound, and Cinematography.
    Cons - N/A
    Twin, is a really good concept. It took elements of suspense, thriller, and drama and merged it pretty well. I felt that the ending was superb. Is he trapped in a sort of limbo for taking his own life? Does he now haunt the bridge in the very spot? So many questions!
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    1. Amirreza Taherverdi
      Thank. It was a very good comment
      Amirreza Taherverdi, Jan 18, 2018
  5. Owen Brindle
    "Cracking concept"
    Pros - Well shot, nicely paced.
    It's nice to watch a short film that has a good concept, then see that film carry the concept through. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but because the film is kept brief, the viewer is still intrigued enough to stay with it till the conclusion. It doesn't look cheap. It looks very well made and shows you don't need lots of fancy equipment to make a good film.
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