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Two Faced (Trailer)

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    Delaware Technical & Community College
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    Was given the task of creating a faux movie trailer in under 30 minutes. 30 minutes to gather actors, come up with a plot, and shoot. Edited in 60 minutes. All shot with iPads.

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  1. EJIDA Studios
    "Amazing Trailer"
    Pros - It looked like an actual trailer
    Good story idea
    Cons - a little long
    Could have been better with human voice, not robot voice
    This film trailer is quite cool. It shows that a character cannot seperate his thoughts from reality. The editing is amazing, and shows how we could get trailers done easily. Perhaps the most amazing is that this entire trailer was shot, filmed, and edited in 1 hour and thirty minutes. Overall an extremely realistic film trailer that should be made into an actual short film or movie.