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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
City College of San Francisco
Sony A6000
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro
Other Film Equipment Used:
Shoulder rig, tripod, 1 richard mole light
Film was submitted to following Schools
Awards won
A man driven with expectations can be naturally naive during hookups. When everything feels like an ideal set up, a greater purpose -- perhaps evil may have been waiting for him.

The film is an exploration of supernatural cult and how big of a group they can be. How they can traffic a certain person. It's also an exploration of ominous dreams that can be real or not.

The film was shot within in 5.5 hours with non-professional crews and actors. Originally filmed to be silent but manipulated with editing.

Written & Directed by Christian Silva Cinematography by Christian Silva Produced by Eliza Galimba Edited by Christian Silva Cast Trenton Jones - Marquis Joanna Savet - R/Rebecca Score by Janne Rättyä Boom Bip François Bayle Krzysztof Komeda Music “Scentless Apprentice” Performed by Nirvana Written by Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic Produced by Steve Albini CINE 56 CCSF CINEMA DEPARTMENT 2020

Latest reviews

Well done and inviting
Pros: I liked the feeling, I thought you did a great job of leaving a scene at the right time to keep this feeling alive.
Cons: I feel like the lighting is something to look out for (the blowing out of the lights) unless that was done in purpose. Nothing wrong with it, it just stands out a lot.
In the end, I thought this was well made. I liked your decision making of using standstill cinematography and when you moved onto motion. I thought the story could have gone with a bit more energy, but that could have ruined the feeling of the film. Solid.
  • Love
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