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"Vows" - Award-Winning Short Film

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Film made while attending
Temple University
Canon T5i
Software Used
Final Cut Pro
Other Film Equipment Used:
DJI Ronin, Tripod, Microphone
Awards won
Audience Choice Award

Latest reviews

Pros: Message.
Cons: Sloppy Editing.
I really liked the way that you guys tackled what is in the present world, a very difficult subject matter. For men who are fighting that battle of "keeping it real until you meet the one" I think this message is strong. The writer did a good job as did the actor.

That is the reason I gave it a four star.

That being said, and I was very lenient by not lowering the rating more, the cinematography needed some work, especially in the scenes before and after the open mic scene.

Opening: Beautiful and cinematic, until we hit the first interaction between characters, there we broke the line but not in a good way, it made me immediately notice the switch in camera angles and that's not good.
The next thing I noticed quite a bit was after the mic scene, which in itself I thought was a nice touch between a music video and documentary style shoot.
We have this build up of a potent message, then you kind of threw it away, again not in a good way. We don't know how the owner of the joint felt about that message, if it had an effect or not.

Then the last interaction felt a little rushed.... that could have been something in the writing though too. Then why was it raining at the end? It worked as an idea, to cool down a hot day, but it was incongruous to the story ending, also it was very noticeably fake rain, so I didn't think there was much of need for it.

Anyways, that's my opinion and like I said, I enjoyed the film! The credits were also particularly well done!! Please take a moment to watch and review my latest teaser trailer for The Relay:
The spoken word scene in the studio was the best part, I liked it very much.
The dialogue scenes before and after were good too but could have had better audio recording.
The middle act of the film was definitely the strong point. Keep up the good work
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Pros: Music composition, poetic delivery.
Cons: Overall plot in relation to the specific characters.
Set in a city with characters that have a connection to music. An eloquent piece that includes wonderfully composed music. An insightful poetic demonstration of a continuous journey filled with meaning and personal truth. An underlying establishment of purpose and the seeking of personal enlightenment.


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Brandon Forgione
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4.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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