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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Colorado Film School
A7sII with Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS Lens, Macro Lense
Software Used
Davinchi Resolve: Editing, Colorgrading, VFX, sound design
Other Film Equipment Used:
Zoom H6 with XYH-6 X/Y CAPSULE, 5 in 1 Reflector
I made this as part of a class assignment. I am proud of how it turned out!Water thumb student.jpg

Latest reviews

Holy s**t that's some really good some sound mix.
But i feel like you could have done even more with the premise, but i stil loved it! The photography was really good. The only thing i didn't like was the moment he writes, it feels so closed and claustrophobic (maybe was intentionalbut didn't really enjoy this shot)
I would have preferred a wide lens for this. The punchline was really good and i really laugh i can't lie. Hope you keep doing stuff like this!
Pros: The sound mix and narration really make the film feel professional. The punchline is also funny and unexpected.
Cons: The cinematography could use a bit more creativity and preparation.
This film is fantastically simple, but you took the simplicity and finished it with good humour. Your choice of sound works extremely well in all areas.

My only real criticism would be your shot selection in some cases. It feels a bit artificial, and lacks the right movement. Specifically I would note it for the water fountain bit. When the camera pulls away and starts tracking with your character, it feels amateurish, but still works.

Other than that, I say bravo!

Keep creating more!

I really loved the feel of this short film: the sand and the water and the colors associated with those two things. Also the sounds and how they are natural yet add so much. Incorporating the diary was a cool aspect. AND THE TRANSITION between the rain hitting the hand and the hand lifting the sand was wow. Amazing. The close ups also added some depth to the story and emotions.

Great job!
Sam Gannuch
Sam Gannuch


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Sam Gannuch
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