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Welcome to Shanghai United International School (Trailer)

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    Shanghai United International School
    Sony Rx100
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    Final Cut Pro
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  1. John Tuttle
    "Good Lighting, But Sound Quality Needs Improvement"
    Pros - I like the concept, and the production had well-lit scenes.
    Cons - Something was up with the sound.
    Yuki Kin's short film Welcome to Middle School from Ejida Studios would be a good video to show basic middle school concepts and rules to new students in the classroom. The editing done on the production was pretty fair, although a few of the "fade out" transitions seemed out of place. Also, when a photo is overlaid on another clip, Ian's face is covered up for a time. This could have been fixed by making the superimposed still shot smaller and repositioning it. The subtitles were well-placed and definitely helpful to the viewer.

    I think Welcome to Middle School's host, Ian Ghys, gave quite a professional and talented performance. In one scene, Ian pauses briefly, realizing that the people ascending and descending the stairs behind him are being extremely loud. But I thought Ian handled the situation well. Being a director of several videos, I know exactly what he was going through. It is as Murphy's Law states: if anything can go wrong, it probably will. For the most part, the short film was shot rather well, and the lighting was great! The scenes were not too bright or too dark, and I could not see any overly noticeable noise or antialiasing issues with the imagery. So all of that is good.

    But the biggest problem I had was the video's audio. A school full of hundreds of people is typically a loud and boisterous place. School hallways also tend to cause sound waves to echo quite easily, making for any even more noisome place for shooting. The mic was often picking up not only Ian's voice, but everyone else's as well. Some parts of the film were so loud that Ian's dialogue was completely inaudible. I think if a higher-quality microphone had been employed, a better sound recording would have been achieved, which would have improved the film.
    1. EJIDA Studios
      I agree with the audio situation. We unfortunately couldn't get the chance to film the documentary during the weekends at school this time around, since many of the teachers were too busy to prepare with the exams that were coming up soon. We had to film all the scenes during break time, which made the scenes incredibly loud, which is why I added the subtitles as you otherwise won't be able to hear me very well. If we filmed in the weekends, we would have also been able to use a better microphone, as we would be able to safely use a camera that supports Rode Microphones, which is what we normally borrow from our film teacher when we are shooting.