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What If

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Canon C100
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Final Cut Pro X
A couple can reach a point when their relationship becomes.. Stagnant; when both mutually understand that they're coming to an end...

Written, Directed, Cinematography, and Edited by Eugene Chan

Adrian Dryden
Jessica Chan

ECHOES IN EMPTY from Colossal Trailer Music’s album TEARS OF WINTER (CTM013). Composed by Alexandre Guiraud and Jaroslav Vyhnicka.
HOWLING LOVE from Colossal Trailer Music’s album TEARS OF WINTER (CTM013). Composed by Alexandre Guiraud and Jaroslav Vyhnicka.

Special thanks to Joe Chan and Charles Yau.

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Pros: Fast pacing
Cons: Almost no depth
What if... you could fit most today's mainstream drama-romance movies in about 4 minutes and actually make them enjoyable?
That is the exact definition of "What if". It is a short film, that explores the endless possibilities of love, the ups and the downs. It is under 4 minutes, so there couldn't have been any proper character development or depth to why they did, what they have done.
Otherwise it is a great film, quite engaging and maybe a bit emotional too. So great work, keep it up!


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