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WINTERS PAST - Short Action Thriller (WARNING: Graphic Content)

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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Dudley College
JVC GY-HD200UB Professional HDV Camcorder
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Affects CC
Other Film Equipment Used:
Tripod; Boom Microphone; LEDGO LED Kit
Film was submitted to following Schools
Awards won
Best FMP
Capture.JPG As with every project we had difficulty and faced problems, some of them disastrously big: locations being booked and then unavailable, actors leaving days before production was to be begin, actors leaving DURING production (and hence requiring a change of story), equipment failure, injuries and a whole other load of incidents. But we have made it. It may not have started out as we hoped but look at it now. Not perfect, admittedly, but we are proud. VERY proud.

As part of our Kickstarter campaign (and to document our experiences in general) we also created a behind the scenes feature - which can be viewed at here or by watching the film and clicking the follow-up section at the end.

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