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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Pulse College, Dublin, Ireland
Canon C100, Canon 6d
Software Used
Adobe Premier Pro
Film was submitted to following Schools
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Directed By Cormac Moore
Written By Cormac Moore
Produced by Dermot Boyle
DOP Matthew De Barra

Latest reviews

Pros: - Film Noir scenes were very nicely shot.
- music choices very atmospheric.
Cons: - the color scenes, creator discussing his script was funny at first, later dragged a bit.
The opening black and white scene of Film Noir was done very well, great cinematography and camera angles. Looked fab! Solid choices of music too for both the detective and his client entering.

You were ahead of your audience, anticipating that the Irish accents would raise eyebrows, so the sudden switch to the creator/filmmaker also defending himself against this criticism was funny and perfect timing.

I think the script between the four filmm students, critiquing the writer-director needed re-working. The gags didn't quite work.

Overall though, a good concept and well-executed.

As a fellow Irishman, you might like to take a look at my short film too: "Do you want to buy some cookies?"


Tog go bog e!

(Ex-County Waterford, now New York)
Pros: +"Cat it is so."
Cons: -There seems to be only two characters at the table, with slight variation.
-Shots were dull.
-Missed opportunity with ending.
-Flat jokes
This is a bare bones film, if not for one scene it would have gotten one star. As the film opens up, the first problem arises and never shrinks, you open up and watch our detective sit, in a basic set of shots. He is only showing one emotion, solemn, so there shouldn't be that much time spent on showing it off, especially with no joke. You show a shot of his shot glass, why? He isn't showing a different emotion than the rest of the shots; there is a nice bit of potential here too. You could of created a parallel joke to the Japanese-dub joke, over emphasizing unimportant actions in the noir. Then, in the middle of the video you have these back-to-back shots that is repetitive. Maybe if you had cut in between dialogue, due to the bored critics skimming, the shots would have been a decent joke.

The noir characters themselves are dull, could have been forgiven if juxtaposition between it and interesting characters in the "reality" world. Juxtaposition between very daring, grand, noir shots and dialogue-filler, reality shots would could have been an added bonus.

What brings a man to tears is seeing glimpse of potential for interesting, memorable characters. At first, it seemed like a cliche meta story, with the director and/or scriptwriter inserting himself into the story, to showcase the humble being crushed by too harsh peers. The three critics are all the same character. they, they all agree and build upon the same points with no reaction to another's idea, a type of hive mind. Yes, the critics would differ in a little mannerism here and there, but that doesn't make them a complete different person as they should be. What got me through the video was that glimpse that tables had turned, and I was about the to be amazed. The tables tabled, leaving me worst off then before. This glimpse is the beautiful "Cat it is so" scene.

"Cat it is so" showcases deviations from the hive mind . The girl's smirking showcases her potential of being a pure cynic you may have thought that having her break in the dialogue in the beginning of the story with "I'm sure there will be a reason to stop" but this still keeps her at a stance to merely better the script. Her smirk could of signaled the coming of more actions to lead into her true objective is just blood and seeing him squirm. As she could have walked down the bloody path, her sidekick could of stayed his quite self and hesitantly looked as she harsher. The self insert I was worried about was chipped as I saw our protag believe dogs were to precious, bit of a ridiculous belief, making him not this poor sap but a bit off sap himself. This all ends with the incredible line from our hat fella, not only is the delivery the spot on timing but this is the first time we see a critic agree with our protag's edit. This guy might have tried to seem off the wall before, but his beliefs and reactions still lined up close enough to other critics. This was such a great leap in another direction in comparison to our smirker that it could have lead to more deviations, fully building our character. This is one out of the only two jokes that worked. The other being the awkward pipe for our femme fatale. I laughed at those jokes, which is a hard thing to do. I understand and can detect a working joke, but to also make me even chuckle is hard due to my comedic background forcing me to keep a straight face.

Missed opportunity with that ending. You have this teacher walking in and giving a end-of-the-school -esque talk to students, which is hamfisted. That being hamfisted could have been turned into your favor if you had broke the fourth wall and had the crew surrounding the protag. Or, have the crew surround one of our noir characters in the conference room acting out a ridiculous ending. Your bad ending joke falls flat by having the crew surround a random girl and having both the crew and seemingly all other characters flustered by this "bad ending", you don't really show why they are flustered, your trying to show it with a "bad ending" but it isn't necessarily bad. Random chick thrown in doesn't show-off a bad ending.

In the end, weak shot choices. Only two jokes actually make the cut. Striking potential for characters and plot.
I actually enjoyed this short. I was a little apprehensive at first, but good job. This is my first review and the first visit to this site so please excuse the generalization of my feedback. As i navigate around the website and learn more about it i will try and leave a more descriptive review.
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Cormac Moore
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