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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Canon 5D Mark ii
Software Used
"You Said You Loved Me" explores how social media is affecting our relationship with people, especially with our loved ones. In a relationship, shouldn't we keep the sweet and unforgettable memories to ourselves.. Rather than sharing it with others?

Written and Directed by Eugene Chan

Adrian Dryden
Lindy Dharmawan
Rohan Gupta
James Park
Vivian Lam

Sound Recordist:
Adrian Wu

Music by Jason Cheng
Additional Music:
Remember by Coldnoise is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
"Love" by David So, Paul Kim & Z.Woods

Special thanks:
Sidharth Aravind
Brian Luk
Charles Yau
Leong Chan
James Park
Rohan Gupta

Best Performance, Script, Cinematography, and Editing @ HKUST's 2016 Golden Turkey Film Competition

Latest reviews

i love the message behind it and how you made some parts of it comedic. My absolute favorite part was the scene in the Starbucks. So relatable and Really funny! Im definitely going to think twice before i get so caught up in the instagram and facebook world. i'll try to live in the moment more! Although i dont think they needed to get into such a huge fight over that but i mean i guess she was really annoying! I really like the camera effect when you transformed to the memory. it really got the point across. Im not an expert in films so from an amateur viewers perspective i thought that it was really well made! the only things i noticed that weren't the best were the noises in the background when you were in the restaurant during the beginning. I got a little distracted by all of the forks and dishes banging. But that just means you have a good mic so thats good! haha Also, the script was a bit fake but it wasnt a big deal. Honestly those were the only con for me but since this has to be 250 characters i guess that im just going to write nonsense now. but seriously, great film! keep up the great work. i hope you go to great places! ill be looking for your name in emmys and oscars and all of that stuff.
Pros: I could really hear the message.
Cons: music overpowering at times
This was really well thought out. I'm obsessed with the rewind at the end. Did not see that coming. I really liked how strong the message was and how well you showed a very common situation. My only con is that the music felt a little repetitive at times and it was hard to hear some of the lines. I also don't think the actors had much chemistry when they weren't arguing.


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