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YouTube Hero (Comedy Short Film)

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Film Information

Film made while attending
Panasonic GH4
Software Used
Adobe Premiere & After Effects
YouTube has just released a video that shows off its new community program. We wanted to share our thoughts on that.


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Directed, Filmed, Edited by
Andrew Sokolowski

Executive Producer
Steve Hubbard

Written by
David Chapman

Produced by

David Chapman
Imari Reynolds
Mason Knop
Josh Womer
Andrew Sokolowski

Audio By
Imari Reynolds
Steve Hubbard
YouTube Hero Thumnail final.jpg

Latest reviews

Pros: effects
Cons: jokes
To start off the quality of the video and angles were great, and the visual effects were even better. The acting skills and script could use a little work though. To me personally the jokes were not that funny, but I could see how these would be funny to others because my friends find these types of jokes to be hilarious. Overall great work, but if I could give a piece of advice, I would say to broaden the comedic range to appeal to a larger audience.
Pros: Editing
Cons: Writing
I'm trying not to be rude or anything, but I didn't really like the video that much. That's just me though. Your editing was really on point, there were great effects and the colors really popped and were a treat to look at, but the actual video itself, content wise, just didn't work. That's not to say there aren't people who won't enjoy this short, but the comedy here was a bit too obvious for me. In the future, I'd recommend trying to be more slant with how you approach writing. I think that's what Kurt Vonnegut said about his approach to writing, telling the same stories we all know but in a slightly askew, meaning original, way. Besides that, you had it all here. The shots were clean, the effects worked, and while the acting was kinda hokey- it fit the tone you went for. You clearly know what you're good at here, so keep working on and editing the way you do, and just try to branch out with the writing more. Don't be afraid to get a little weird with it!
Pros: +Visual Effects
Cons: -Acting
I see that your previous work was N.E.R.D., a cute effects stockpile. Your effects seem fine for when compared to the YouTube standard; you are lacking in every other area. First, your cinematography/editing is uninspiring, bland, and even feels off at some points. Those opening shots, for example, weirdly has the YouTube hero soundtrack play uninterrupted while our protagonist suits up. The shots nor the editing make any attempt to show off the "revelation" as this big occasion, it doesn't even get a comedic tone of a character casually donning a suit-just some weird in between with a joke that would be better as a reaction to someone rather than straight talking to the audience(like most, if not all, jokes in cinema). The base line concepts of most of the jokes int he video aren't actually too bad, if only they weren't dragged by poor comedic timing and actors. Actors were too "fresh"; a lot of them still going through that phase where they do the same motion twice to convey the same message. It could be argued that the poor actors was the main reason that the characters are so bland, less difficulty, but they've managed to still ruin cardboard cutout roles. I will say I did find a so-bad-it's-funny moment in 0:51; he does this weird turn for no reason. Blue Band Films, I know you can strive for better than bad-to-funny laughs.


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BlueBand Films
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3.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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