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    Canon eos 60d
    Software Used:
    Final cut pro X
    The life of David, a divorced man with alcohol problems will be a return of three hundred sixty degrees after receiving a strange call of unknown origin . This fact, trigger a series of events that will change completely the fate of the protagonist. While trying to escape his past , David will be caught in a never-ending nightmare , causing not distinguish what is real from what is not .

    Directed and written by Nile Manrique ( Bleed , Silent ) and starring Xevi Manrique ZIEL 2 is presented as the continuation of ' ZIEL : destiny ' film produced by The FROG' two years ago.

Recent User Reviews

  1. Dharmesh Tailor
    "Great Film!"
    Pros - Great shots! Great pacing.
    Cons - none
    This was a very artsy looking film with great visuals. The black and white was nicely done. I could sense the struggle of the main character. Music was precise and very well put together throughout the film. Great cinematography and acting. The pacing was great. I could really feel the emotional struggle of the character. Great job!
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    1. nilm21