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action adventure

  1. Thlípsi


    A man who is paranoid and deluded by his own conspiracies that someone out there is after him must come to terms with the root of his suffering. ------------- We shot this film back in February of 2018 and to our surprise, the film turned out to be more influential to us than I would have...
  2. Norman Anderson

    Composer available for your project

    Looking for a custom score for your project? Please email me at shadowveilmusic@gmail.com I can compose music in a variety of genres from contemporary music to more of traditional film score. Feel free to check out some of my work on my Sound Cloud page
  3. Can I Score Your Film?

    Can I Score Your Film?

    Contact us for your next film! -->http://www.caniscoreyourfilm.com We create original music for film/short film, documentaries, TV, web series and multimedia. We offer Master quality professional sounding demos and music tracks at a price that everyone can afford. With extensive backgrounds in...
  4. Brendan Cochran

    Scenic Film Composer Available

    Hey everyone! My name is Brendan Cochran and I am a film composer studying currently at Berklee College Of Music. I have written music for student clips in the past, so I have experience with writing for film. I also write music for video games on another note, but my primary focus is film at...